Big ideas | Great results

AK marketeers is a strategic marketing consultancy based in the Netherlands and operating worldwide. We help our clients to develop, create, nurture and cherish international luxury brands. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury yachting marketing sector,

we know how to involve and engage your audience..

How can we help?

Your marketing manager

Your strategist, sparring partner and manager for everything your organization needs in the field of marketing. Fully dedicated to you and your objectives.

Strategy development

It all starts with your DNA and your objectives. We help you defining your DNA and employ your DNA in the right strategy to reach your goals.


Specific actions to realize specific goals. Let our creative team do their magic, let them amaze your audience and create conversion.

Press releases

A press release that will be published needs to be drafted according a strict template and must be accompanied by content in the right formats. We know the ins and outs of successful engagement.

Press management

Over the years AK marketeers has developed strong relationships with the international (yachting) press. We know how to connect and get you in the picture.

Corporate Design

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable. Our creative studio creates all the visible elements of your brand to identify and distinguish your brand and create a position in the mind of your potential clients.

Web concept, development & maintenance

Developing and creating a web concept that generates engagement with your visitors and making sure that it is always up to date and running.

Direct marketing

Target your potential clients with personal and direct activities that immediately attract their attention. Straight into the heart and into the mind.

Email marketing

Stay in touch with your clients, potential clients and involve them. AK marketeers arranges the development, creation, copywriting, content placement, distribution and formalities

Social media

Engage with your target group in an informal and free manner. Create followers - fans with the right tone of voice and interact. All in line with your DNA. AK marketeers develops and executes your social media appearance.


Online and offline advertising for specific goals. Branding, lead generation or conversion we will select the right media and design the artwork to activate your target group.


Nothing beats the personal contact with your target group that you have at events. Benefit from the feedback, personalize your message and really involve your audience. Make them experience something so that they tell everybody they meet and create loyal fans and brand ambassadors.